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How to Get FREE BEATS on YouTube

Having been a rapper before a producer, I for sure know what it’s like being broke, badly needing beats. I know what it is like scouring the world wide web for hours upon hours, trying to figure out how to find a beat to use for free. After running into roadblock after roadblock, looking for free beats to download, I finally figured out how to get free beats on YouTube.

What Is One Benefit of Using Free Beats on YouTube?

You only want me to list one benefit? That’s easy. One obvious benefit of using free beats on YouTube is the obvious fact that the beats are free. If anybody knows what it’s like starting out as a starving artist, it is me.

They are not called “starving artists” for philosophical reasons. Not only that, the producers who make the beats want to hear what you can do on their free beat.

Sometimes the beats are royalty-free, which means you can release the song you record for commercial gain, without having to worry about splitting royalties.

If the producer likes the song, you may even be able to find yourself an exclusive producer for your upcoming projects.

How Can I Download Free Beats from YouTube?

Don’t fret! There is an easy work-around for being able to download free beats from YouTube. My favorite tool for downloading free beats from YouTube is YouTube Converter Online.

With YouTube Converter Online, all you have to do is copy the link of the free beat you want to download, and then paste the link into the box provided on YouTube Converter Online, and click “download”.

Then you’ll have the option of converting the free beat into an mp3, mp4, wav, and flac file format. I honestly would suggest going with the wav format.

This is because the wav file format provides the highest quality possible. The setback with that is that wav files are very large, and take up a lot of space.

The Pros of Using Free Beats

The pros of using free beats from YouTube are few indeed. One of the first pros I can think of is the obvious fact that the beats are free.

Even though you may not be able to publish the beat in order to monetize it, the upside is that you can use the song you recorded on the beat to build up your buzz online and in the streets.

Sometimes, that one song can get you on your way in the music industry. One example of that is the recording artist, Desiigner, with his smash hit single, “Panda”.

The Cons of Getting Beats on YouTube

There may be several setbacks by using beats from YouTube. One setback I can readily think of is the fact that you can be sued by the producer of the free YouTube beat.

This is because artists rarely read the description of the YouTube video where the producer/beat maker has terms and conditions for the use of the beat.

The artists convert the beat, download the beat, record a full song on it, and then illegally publish it for monetary gain. This 9 times out of 10 means the producer is not getting paid.

Another con I can think of is when the artist makes a super hot song with a free beat from YouTube, and they can’t monetize the song in any shape, form or fashion. This reigns especially true if the artist can’t afford the tag for exclusive rights.

Surely YouTube Isn’t the Only Place to Get Free Beats

You’re 100% correct on that. YouTube is definitely not the only place to get free beats online. There are a plethora of other places.

Online marketplaces designed for producers and beat makers are starting to pop up all over the world wide web. These producers and beat makers are just like artists. In what way, you ask?

They’re trying to get their name out there to make it big. So to do that, they will make free beats available for download. A lot of artists use those free beats to release mixtapes.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Get Free Beats?

Other than getting free beats from us, Put It Out There TV Productions, you can learn how to make your own free beats using inexpensive online music production software.

Once you become efficient at making your own beats, you’ll never have to pay for a beat again. Unless you choose to, of course.

The reason why making your own beats ranks so high in efficiency, is because, unless you use samples, your beats will be original.

That means that no one has a lawful right to profit from your beats unless you contract those rights to them.

What if I Don’t Wanna Scour YouTube for Free Beats?

Hey, you came here because you wanted to know how to find free beats on YouTube. Truth is, you don’t have to scour YouTube for hours upon hours just to find a good free bet to do a song over.

To be frankly honest, searching for beats on YouTube is boring and inconvenient. We at Put It Out There TV Productions know how much more convenient it is to be able to get all of your free beats in one location.

Hell, we guarantee it would be even more convenient for you if we sent free beats right to your email on a regular basis. We’d even make the free beat available for instant download.

Would you like to be added to our email list, so that we can notify you every time we upload a free beat to our site?