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Beat Subscription Membership

$10 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $8 sign-up fee

They Don't Understand That Beat
Epic Triumph
House Shoes
I'll Get By
Money Dance
Pet Semetary
Vengeful Redemption
Defiant Affiant Affirmed Store Version
Drill Type
No Splits
Before I Lay It Down
Exactly What You Need
Oh No You Don't (NY Drill)
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Get access to ANY current and/or future beat in our store for a low-monthly subscription price. Why pay to lease one beat when you can get UNLIMITED access to them all? Yeah, even the new beats we upload on a regular basis. With our monthly beat subscription, you can do the following with the beats

  • Gain UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the beats on our site. (Even the regularly uploaded beats.)
  • Distribute songs made with the beats to streaming platforms. (Audio & Video)
  • Get PAID from digital sales of the songs made with the beats. (Downloads)
  • Radio Broadcast (Independent Underground Internet Radio ONLY – NO TERRESTRIAL AM/FM RADIO)
  • Music Videos
  • Paid Performances

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