Refund Policy

Store Manager

Exclusive Beats

Exclusive beats are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Here’s why:

Once you purchase an exclusive composition, the only access anyone else will ever have to it is for demo purposes, in order to display the quality and skill-level of music production services we provide. Not only that, due to you being given immediate access to the beat after purchase, via download and Google Drive, already having had the opportunity to listen to the beat before purchase; there shall be no refunds. However, in the event the item does not reach you by mail, we shall resend it at cost to customer if we can provide proof of original shipment via tracking number from an established, recognized courier of our choice.

Leased Beats

Leased beats are refundable up to 7 days from completed lease transaction. Once you have made your refund request, upon approval, you will be refunded and lose all rights to the beat. Once the refund has been issued, if we find that the beat is still being used, without license, for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, we will pursue any available and lawful remedy; including but not limited to: civil litigation, getting the song removed from any and all platforms where it is published, and garnishing past and future royalties accumulated in relation to the beat.