Where to Buy Beats for Songs

Rapper, writing lyrics, wondering where to buy beats for songs online.

Realizing a new rapper is inspired into existence everyday; I recognize one question they’ll have is “where to buy beats for songs”?

At one point in time, wanting to be a famous rapper myself, I’ve probably spent thousands of hours searching for beats. In my opinion, the most efficient way to find beats for songs is on the internet. Therefore, in this article I will give you a list of places to buy beats online, even if it’s not from Put It Out There TV Productions.

Where do Artists Go to Buy Beats?

Back in the 1990s, you either had to have a personal relationship with a producer, or a record deal in which the label would provide producers. Considering there’s never been such a thing as a brick and mortar beat store; those were the only options rappers had.

But, times have changed. These days, a rapper doesn’t need a personal relationship with a producer. Nor do they need a record deal with a label that has a stable of high-priced beat makers. These days, artists can just get on their computer or smartphone, and buy a beat over the world wide web.

What hasn’t changed since the 90s is the fact that most rappers are broke until they make it big. Having said that; with the advancement of business within the music production world, today’s financially strapped rappers have more options available to them when it comes to procuring a beat.

This is due to the fact that many beat makers are selling beats on the world wide web at prices that major record label producers would see as a cardinal sin. That’s also partly due to the fact that the going rate for a beat for an unsigned artist in the 90s could easily go for $4k.

Surely seeing their fellow beat makers sell beats for $37 just makes them cringe at the sub-atomic level of their existence. This is where having a personal relationship with a producer comes in handy.

On the other hand, the less financially able rappers out there don’t mind leasing a beat for just $37. Especially when they consider the possibility of releasing a hit record that could go viral overnight.

In fact, even major recording artists have been buying beats from beat makers who have online beat stores.

These “no name” producers have been making so much money selling beats that the big producers are establishing profiles on the same beat store marketplaces the small-time producers are using.

Where Are Beat Makers Selling Beats

It really depends on the producer’s specific needs. Naturally, beat makers are going to sell their beats on the platform that best fits their needs. You’ll likely find them on the platforms that meet their needs, and exceed them.

Some of the more independent producers have their own websites where they make money selling beats. Those guys don’t care to chase industry song placements. They have no issue just leasing and selling beats online.

Other beat makers prefer to market and sell their beats from online beat store marketplaces I previously mentioned. They prefer to sell beats from these platforms because everything is done for them.

They don’t have to know how to do any web design or coding in order to have somewhere to sell their beats. A lot of producers solely sell from these platforms out of pure convenience, and the fact that they actually get results. But, as the saying goes: “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.”.

Anyhow, these marketplaces act as online beat store flea markets, populated by several producers looking to convince you into leasing or buying a beat.

In many ways, they’re very similar to the world renown marketplaces; Amazon and eBaY. Allow me to list a few of the online beat store marketplaces I’m familiar with, and how they function below.

  • Airbit: Airbit is one of the more well-known beat selling platforms for producers. They produce a plethora of tools including but not limited to being able to:
    • Accept PayPal and credit cards
    • Auto-create and post beat videos on YouTube & TikTok.
    • Schedule releases, upload and sell unlimited beats and sound packs.
    • Create playlists, beat tapes & Albums, sell songs.
    • Split royalties with collaborators, and more.

Depending on who you ask within the beat maker community, Airbit comes in a close 2nd place to BeatStars.

  • BeatStars: Said to have been established by Abe Batshon in 2008, BeatStars offers many of the same services and features as Airbit.

BeatStars is recognized as being one of the top beat store marketplaces, if not the top.

 This is the marketplace where most producers who don’t have major label recording artist placements choose to make a living selling beats online.

  • Put It Out There TV Productions: This is our beat selling platform. On this platform, we sell beats and create content specifically for artists. To add to boot, we have the option of allowing our fellow beat makers and producers to sell beats from our marketplace.
  • SoundClick: SoundClick: SoundClick is the granddaddy of both Airbit and BeatStars. In the early 2000s, SoundClick was the premiere goto marketplace for those artists who were rapping on a very limited budget.

Some of today’s top online beat sellers had beat stores on SoundClick just 19-20 years ago. This includes the likes of Epik the Dawn, Anno Domini Beats, and a slew of others who are still doing exceptionally well with selling beats online.

Sound click was unique in the fact that recording artists and producers were able to open up their own music stores to sell beats, music,and ringtones from. I frequented the site all of the back in the day.

Somehow or another, sites like Airbit and BeatStars were able to replace SoundClick around 2008-2009. SoundClick unfortunately fell into the level of obscurity that Myspace did.

As of late, it appears that the people at SoundClick are trying to regain their original foothold as the #1 place to buy beats for songs. The site, which was once terribly outdated, is now more modern, and offering the same services that Airbit and BeatStars in a similar fashion.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Beat with Exclusive Rights?

This is one of those things that also depend on what you as the artist needs, and what your goals are for the music once it is released to the public. When I’m talking to an artist about buying a beat from us, and they inquire about leasing the beat or getting exclusive rights (buying);

I tell them to look at it like renting an apartment or buying a house. If you want to get a beat for a mixtape, make a few dollars on the streaming platforms with it, then lease it. Leasing the beat is very similar to renting a house or an apartment.

You can’t tear out the walls of the house or apartment you’re renting in order to make your bedroom bigger for studio space just as you cannot rearrange a leased beat. You can’t sub-lease the apartment just as you can’t sub-lease a beat. You’re only leasing. You don’t have permanent exclusive rights to the beat.

But if you want total ownership to the beat, excluding the producer’s publishing rights, buy the beat. This is because you’re going to have the intent of adding it to your catalog, and receiving residuals for years to come.

Where You SHOULD Buy Beats for Songs

At the end of the day, wherever and whoever you choose to buy beats for songs from is up to you. Some artists buy their beats solely from one platform.

This is most likely due to the fact that the artists will also find those same producers they’re already familiar with on those other platforms.

Plus, with these beat store marketplaces being filled with many different producers, the artists have options. Other than that, buy your beats from us.

When you buy beats for songs from us, you’re helping one of the little guys. You’re also indirectly helping other little guys, because the Put It Out There TV Productions beat selling platform was designed to create an economy to where we can all eat.

This is due to our affiliate program that I previously mentioned. Our affiliate program pays out a reasonable 20% commission for every one of our beats that you help us sell.

Even better, if you have a PayPal account, once the transaction is complete, you receive an instant affiliate commission. So even if you don’t make beats, you can still make money selling them. Sign up here!

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